Cornwall Living Advertorial for Milly and Martha Lettings

The rise of advertorial

advertorial [ˌadvəːˈtɔːrɪəl]

‘A newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.’

Bread and butter to me.

With the rise of the interweb, the marketplace has become saturated Newspapers, and Magazines are desperate for revenue which, traditionally filled with advertising, is now filled with advertorial – paid for editorial by companies wanting to attract sales.

Advertising is dead
No one likes to be sold to, like cold calling, it’s out of favour with consumers. Instead, we want to be seduced, to feel compelled, to be called to buy a product, service or experience based on a story, a feeling or a shared goal. As consumers, we align ourselves with those companies whose values are like our own, and that makes us feel good about ourselves, we love to support them. We become loyal brand ambassadors.

Paid editorial works

Advertorial is selling to customers through a story or an interesting article that compels them to act, buy or find out more. It has become harder and harder to jostle for space in the local papers and magazines organically. Unless your story is particularly newsworthy, journalists and editors won’t look at it. Paid editorial, however, is another story. They will bend over backwards to get your piece in front of their readers. Why? Because they need the money.

Good advertorial reads like its not an ad at all. That’s where a good writer can help you. They will find the nugget of a story about your business and turn it into an entertaining, enjoyable and readable article for your potential customers. Put it in the right media, with a firm call to action and you can put your feet up and wait for the enquiries to come in.
In short, it works.

Need some good advertorial?

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