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Is your website doing its job?

What your website says and displays is crucial. It’s your digital shop front. If your customer can’t look at it on their smartphone or tablet, you’ve lost them.

Remember Dreamweaver and Flash?

Over the years I’ve worked with many website content management systems and migrated content from old ones to new ones more times than I care to mention. Remember when Flash, Dreamweaver and FTP were all the rage? Yep, showing my age.

Even now in the WordPress era where anyone can build a website and free, I come across websites that just don’t do their job and my client, Wendron Stoves was one of those.

Website in a time warp

Wendron has been selling and installing wood burning stoves since Spandau Ballet was in the charts (when we still had the top 40 and Top of the Pops was on TV). Unfortunately, their website was also stuck in a time warp. It needed an overhaul.

The main problem was their products page, the one that everyone wanting to buy a stove goes to. It had below average photos of showroom cold stoves with no descriptions and links out to the manufacturer’s websites for more information – in Scandinavia. So they were effectively sending their customers elsewhere and expecting them to understand Danish or Swedish.

No more Danish

Once I got my hands on the content management system, I was able to re-write compelling product descriptions and source wonderful, warm inviting photos of their woodburning stoves in the best-dressed lounges and living rooms in Cornwall and beyond.

The content is now easy to read, keeps them within their website and delivers a call to action. No Danish to understand and no unwanted visit to the manufacturer’s website.

Happy with their new look website, Wendron has gone on to use my skills as a content writer for their press, advertorial campaigns, social media and even promotion of an up and coming new venture.

Do you need effective, quality content marketing? I can re-write your website pages within your existing content management system. Draft a press release, write your company blog and newsletter or look after your social media.

It’s cheaper than you may think. Get in touch.  After all great content is an investment.

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