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From Land Lubber to Mermaid

Everyone has a story, so how did I end up here in the rugged wild west of Cornwall? Long story short. I followed my passion.

I grew up in a small mill town in Lancashire called Darwen. Unfortunately nowhere near as exciting as it’s namesake Darwin, Australia.
Landlocked, the nearest waterway was a canal where I spent my early summers catching sticklebacks in hand nets. Later sitting on the banks of listening to Big Audio Dynamite on a big stereo, the type you had to dislocate your shoulder to transport.

Some dead-end jobs led to a move to university, where I flexed my intellectual muscle, went on marches and joined movements
. It was my ticket out. Studies done and points proven I took the obligatory gap year. Only my gap year was more like two and a half years. Travel was my real education. Several countries and continents lead me to Australia and in particular Byron Bay. Here I found my home, my chosen family and my passion.
I stayed as long as my visa allowed me to and then I wept on bus ride out. In Byron, I found joy in surfing, in friendship, in community, in service and in love. So it was with a heavy heart I headed home.
After the post travelling come down I started looking for a job. I landed a couple of months work experience in an advertising agency in London. I went from surf bum to a corporate life. With my feet under the table I worked in London for several years and joined the media at the start of the dot-com revolution.

London phone box
The daily commute crammed under someone’s armpit on the tube took its toll and I negotiated a job in Leeds. Working on ITV’s Emmerdale website and the mega ship that is Coronation Street. I created a life that shoehorned in weekend surf trips to the North East. To Saltburn, Filey, Whitby and Scarborough Bay. Usually flat, usually polluted but I went in any way. It was my passion.

Saltburn pier
An opportunistic transfer from ITV to the BBC, a failed relationship and relocation to Cornwall ensued. I arrived in the autumn of 2002 and have never left. Here I settled. Finally finding a home as close to Byron Bay in culture, community and beauty as is possible in the UK. Cornwall suits my growing family, my lifestyle and my ethos.
Weekends are not spent in city centres shopping for unnecessary things that end up in landfill. We explore, we’re pirates, surfers and mermaids. We camp out, we dig for treasure, explore caves, bring home shells and run for miles along the expansive sand. We are forever curious, sandy and full of fresh sea air.

beach and rocks in cornwall

Cornwall, its coasts and coves, its woodland and hills are an endless inspiration for me. I’m all about the outdoors. I love the land, the sky, the clouds, the sea and the surf. That’s why I choose to work with companies that share the same values as I do. It’s who I am.

Being authentic you can’t fail to convince others of the passion you have for your business or products. Passion is infectious; passion is your best marketing strategy. Passion is the driving force behind the world’s most successful brands like Apple. They aimed to change the world and they did.

I worked with the public at the BBC for most of my professional life,. Seeking the tales, histories, the dreams, the passions and opinions of every day people. Everyone has a story. What’s yours? I can help you tell it.

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