We all love a good book

You know the ones where you start reading, get drawn in and then speed-read until the end, staying up well into the night long after bedtime? Good content marketing is like a good book. It’s powerful storytelling which is designed to draw the audience into your brand, your ethos, your people and your story.

Those compelling books have the characters, the voice, the story, something that we can relate to and something which hooks the audience and keeps them drawn in.

What is the story behind your brand?

Do you communicate your story so that you allow the customer to be enthralled and to want to know more? Compelling stories rather than bland advertising are what really brings in the sales.

Make it stand out

Good use of narrative both long and short form is key. But. Making your words stand out in the digital world becomes harder and harder. With the average attention span now less that of a goldfish (8 seconds). Content marketing requires evoking images or video to go with the compelling words to capture that shortening attention of your audience.

Brand stories and imagery that appeal to the audience’s emotions, something they can connect with and that mirrors their own values are what works best. But they have to be authentic or you won’t build trust.

Customers are people too

So, talk to people about your brand. Your values, your connections, your successes and challenges, how you overcome them and of course your characters and the people behind the scenes. Your stories are what draws people to your brand. Do you have a good story?

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