Five reasons to hire a Content Creator?

Wondering what a content creator can do for your business? Wondering whether or not you can afford it?

Here are five reasons to hire one…

    1. it will free up your time. With Google and Facebook’s algorithms demanding new content daily and an endless stream of content on offer to consumers. A content creator can come up with different ways to say similar things to make your content stand out from the crowd.
    2.  “Content is king,” said Bill Gates in 1996. It’s still true today more than ever. To stand out from the endless streams of online and social media content, how will your brand fair? A professional content writer provides quality content that resonates with your potential customers that is grammatically correct and without spelling errors.
    3. They do the research. Professional writers are not only skilled in communication they will research your business and the audience to offer a fresh point of view from one which might not be gaining followers, to one that will be read, liked and shared.
    4. It’s cheaper than hiring new staff. From one off copywriting, pay per article, per hour or per day to regular retained blog and newsletter writing. Hiring a freelance content creator is cost effective.
    5. They know how to write. Sounds obvious but they know how to adapt content for a plethora of media. SEO, social media posts, articles, web pages, press releases, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns and product descriptions. They know how to write for a variety of audiences, for businesses and their tone of voice.

So, if you need help with copy and content then Marketing In Cornwall has an introductory new client offer of £25 per hour. Available until end of December 2017.

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