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Is your social media content failing?

Most companies know how important social media is for their digital marketing strategy but if their content isn’t getting engagement, it means they are failing. Here are 5 tips to be a winner at social media.

1.  Hire Content Creators

Companies who want to increase their brand awareness and engagement on social media will hire content marketing specialists. People who can do their storytelling with a stream of consistent and creative content targetting their desired audiences.

A good content creator will be able to grow audiences on individual social media platforms by using content that works best for that particualr channel rather than cross-promoting the same content.

2. Mobile Content

Facebook is still the king of social media and mobile-friendly content is key to keeping consumers engaged.  Most people access social networks via a mobile device now. So when you create a post think about how it looks on a small screen first.

3. Rich Content

Using rich or ‘sticky’ content in other words content that engages or makes people click such as video or engaging images or infographics that will elicit that click, like or share button. 70% of all online traffic is video. Says it all! Live streaming is a trend to watch for 2018 too.

4. User Generated Content

Reviews, ratings, comments or blogs are all the things that future customers place their highest trust in before anything else. So get your customers do your marketing by talking positively about your brand.

5. Content Personalisation

A quick read of your stats in Google Analytics can tell you what some of your customers are interested in. If they like tennis then devise a content campaign for them around Wimbledon. Creating a personalised content campaign can win more prospects and improve engagement.

While the tips I’ve listed here can improve your content marketing strategy, it’s always best to go and do your own research. Look at your competitors and see what works for them. Keep an eye on your top social media posts and how they perform on your pages. Experiment and then MEASURE IT!

If your social media content is failing then contact Marketing In Cornwall to hire a content creator for your business. We have a proven track record in helping businesses engage more customers and drive sales. 


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