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Why I use a New Client Questionnaire

Time is money, right? So it’s important to cut to the chase when approached by a potential client by establishing what they want, what they expect from you and if working together is going to be mutually beneficial. Implementing a new client questionnaire can help achieve that.

The New Client Questionnaire

This is a set of questions which can be customised to each business to help establish whether your skills and services are a good fit for their needs and goals.

I use a word or PDF document with crucial questions which are sent before a meeting, this then forms the basis of the first meeting. It helps the client focus and keeps me on track. There are oodles of different templates out there in the online world, just Google ‘Client Questionnaire’ to find them.

Why use a New Client Questionnaire?

1. It helps both the client and the freelancer focus on specific project goals.
2. It’s professional and establishes the process you work towards
3. It saves time

What to ask a new client?

I try and keep my questionnaire brief and to the point. Here are a few of the questions I ask new clients from the off.

1. What are your current goals for the company?
2. Who are you trying to target?
3. Do you have a specific budget?
4. Who are your competitors?
5. What is your current marketing/PR?
6. What is your USP?
7. Do you have a deadline?
8. Describe your project, your, tone and style?

Presenting it to the new client

I tend to establish a rapport via email or phone first and then send it to the client to fill out. I then arrange a meeting to go over the questions, and this forms the basis of the meeting. If you don’t feel this is right for you, you could ask just the questions over the phone.

Whichever approach is right for you, the questionnaire is a useful tool for establishing a good working relationship, laying out the process to which you work, and getting vital information to help you and the client achieve their goals.

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