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Yee-ha! I’m on the bandwagon

“This is your very first post.” It says. “Start your blog here.” It says.” Well hello! it’s pretty daunting writing a blog for your own company, isn’t it?
No wonder there’s a market for it.
As a Journalist for BBC Cornwall, I became adept at writing stories about pretty much anything. A ‘news’ story about a cat called Roger who likes shopping in Penzance or a major fire. Either way, I became the literary equivalent of origami. Creating something interesting out of a blank page and not much else to go on.
After moving to the dark side – the commercial world. I now write content. Blogs, newsletters, web copy, press releases, articles, social media and pretty much anything else. I do this for businesses who don’t have the time, creative juice or inclination to do so. I create stories around a brand or find one where others can’t. That is my USP.
I live in Cornwall, UK. It’s an endless inspiration for the work I do. I am buzzing with content ideas for the companies who make a living here using the outdoors as their playground. Yet, I do write content for other business areas; Health, Legal and Wood burning Stoves to name a few.
So here I’ll be sharing the love, the inspiration, the infographics, the salty sea dog stories and the highs and lows of a content creator in Cornwall.
Jump aboard, it’ll be fun and one day I’ll recount that story about Roger the cat who liked shopping in Penzance.

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