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Stop being boring on social media

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Let’s face it. We all just scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll. So what makes any one of us ‘customers’ stop and take notice? Stop posting bland and boring content that no one cares about. You need to make people take notice. Here are a few ways to improve your likes, loves and shares:

  1. Be original.
    Speak like you would to your friend, be uniquely, unashamedly, uncorporately brand YOU.
  2. Be quick.
    Rambling prose is not for social feeds. Act like your house is on fire and you need to tell someone the key message right now.
  3. Be interesting.
    No one, and I mean no one, cares what your lunch looks like or what your new product looks like. Tell a story about how it helped someone, changed someone, did something. Humans are storytellers.
  4. Be funny.
    Bland and dry copy turns people off. Unless your business is in medical research, tax returns or funerals, inject a little humour. We all need a smile, and copy that makes you smile goes a long way.

    That’s it. If you need a little help with your social media posts hit me up, well not literally. Just email me.

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